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How to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy device

Hello, the guy’s in this article I’m going to teach you how to install custom from on Samsung galaxy device without error.

What is custom ROM?

A custom ROM is an unofficial version of an operating system developed by the community and developers. Developers add new features to the custom ROM that are not available in the standard ROM. Android is an open-source operating system from Google, so the developers take the source code and go through a lot of tweaks to make the ROM in the best possible way.

Since this ROM is custom made, therefore it is called a custom ROM or special firmware. The best thing about custom ROM is that it allows you to experience the latest Android operating system even if the latest operating system is not available for your device.

Advantages of install custom ROM on Samsung galaxy

  1. You can enjoy the latest Android OS, without waiting for OTA

  2. By installing Custom ROM, you will get rid of Bloatware.

  3. You will get rid of Ads

  4. Custom ROM gives you extra features along with a new user interface.

  5. You can Modify the Look of your Android. Customize it as you like.

  6. It will provide you with a Unique Experience.

Disadvantages of install custom ROM on Samsung galaxy

  1. Hardware incompatibility

  2. All apps won’t run

  3. Loss of data

  4. Wrong Recovery

  5. Voids warranty

  6. Affecting camera quality

  7. Battery drains quickly

How to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy devices

If you want to install custom ROM on your Android phone, you need to follow these three steps

  1. Unlock bootloader

  2. Install TWRP recover

  3. Root android phone

Once you complete these above three steps follow the below step to install custom ROM on Samsung galaxy.

Step 1:

First Download Custom ROM for your device. so click the below download button

Step 2:

Move the ROM file to your Samsung Galaxy F22 Internal Storage.

Step 3:

Now Boot your Samsung Galaxy to recovery mode by holding the Volume Up + Power Button for 5 seconds.

Step 4:

Now, you should see something like this

How to install custom ROM on Redmi Phone

After that let’s flash the ROM. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Install.

  2. Locate the ROM that you have just downloaded.

  3. Select the ROM

  4. And “Swipe To Confirm Flash”

Step 5:

After the installation process completes, clear your cache. Select Dalvik cache and Cache.

How to install custom ROM on Redmi Phone

Then, “Swipe To Wipe.” and Finally, Reboot your phone.

The first Boot may take 5-10 minutes, so please don’t panic. Do not touch your phone till it boots up. Otherwise, it may brick your device.

install custom ROM on Samsung


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