How to install and use Gophish tool – Spoof email

 Hello guy’s, Welcome to another article, almost every person’s have a unique email, do not get same email, but we’ve sent mail using other person email it’s called “mail spoofing” in this article we are going to discuss about how to spoof email template, without spam

Gophish is powerful open source phishing frame-work it can spoof any mail raw templates and emails

How to install Gophish Tool ?

Step 1:

First of all you download gophish tool in your device this below given website


Step 2:

Once you download just extract it

Once you extract open that gophish folder. Now you can see “config.json” Script just open that script in to “leaf pad”

Now you just edit phish_server details like listen url (get your ip address: your port number) like below image

Now just save it, after that open your terminal inside the gophish folder and type “ls” command.

Now you just type this below command, this command will help you to give permission to read, write and execute of gophish tool.

chmod +x gophish

Step 3:

Now you type this below command this command will help you to run gophish tool in your terminal.

sudo ./gophish

Once you run gophish tool you will get one link. if you don’t know means just copy past this below link in your browser.

Once you run this above ip address and port number on your browser this web page will be like this below image.

Now just click “show advanced” tab and click “proceed to

Now just login the user name and password is given below.

User Name: admin
User password: gophish

That’s it now we see how to use this tool to spoof email templates or email, so follow this below video one by one

Full gophish tutorial video

Complete guide of gophish

SMTP configuration

Gophish SMTP configuration with Gmail Account

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