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How to increase JIO internet speed


 Hello guy’s in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to increase your Jio Internet speed with apn setting. Let’s start

Mobile network operator companies provide APN (access point) settings to their users to access internet services. However, every company has its unique access point and almost the same internet configuration. The configuration name for Reliance Jio APN is Jionet. An individual can easily make Reliance Jio APN on their smartphone.

How to change APN setting’s ?

Step 1:

First you open your mobile settings options or settings app.

Step 2:

Now click on mobile network or sim network settings.

Step 3:

Now go to open Jio 4G option and open Jio access point name.

Step 4:

Create new internet settings or edit current one (Jio apn setting’s)

Step 5:

Connection name : internet 
Apn (access point) : jionet
Server : www.google.com
Authentication type : PAP
Apn type : default 
Apn protocol : ipv4/ipv6
Apn roaming protocol : ipv4/ipv6
Bearer : LTE
That’s it now click to save this settings. After that restart your mobile now your internet speed will increase.


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