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How to hide personal data into audio file with windows

In this article I’m going to show you how to hide personal data into audio file. Now a days all of us using more social media account and email account with different different password.

Most of the people saved their password into notepad or text file but the problem is this kind of saved password’s have more chance to leak. so in this article i will teach you hide your password into your audio file with encryption.


  • Windows
  • Microsoft Net framework 4.0
  • One audio file
  • Your password text

How to install and use hide personal data software

Step 1: Download and install

First we download Deep-sound original software so please click this below download button

download button Once you download was completed just install it.

Step 2: Hide date into audio file

First you click ” Open carrier files ” and drag drop your audio file ( all extension supported ) Now you audio file added in carrier list

Now Click to ‘Add secret files (F3)’ or drag and drop secret files into the Secret files list on the bottom side of application.

how to hide data into audio file
Hide data

Once you complete this above steps now you just click ” encode secret file ” button

how to hide secret file
encode secret file

You can choose output audio format (wav, flac or ape). DeepSound does not support wma output format. If you want to hide data into wma, hide secret data into wav file and then use external software such as Windows Media Encoder for convert wav to wma lossless audio format.

In ‘Encode secret files’ dialog window you can turn on/off AES-256 encryption. Modified audio file will be copied to output directory. If you want to change output directory, click to Settings.

Click to ‘Encode secret files’ button to start hiding secret files into carrier audio file.

how to hide data into audio file
hide data

How to extract hide data

you just open Deepsound software and drag and drop your encrypted audio file and type your password once you type your password you can see your secret file.

how to hide secret file
Extract Secret Data



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