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How to Hide Apps on Android

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We have posted a lot of Android tips in previous posts. today, we are also going to talk about a new Android tip which is to hide apps on Android. Sometimes we have to hide some Android apps without knowing anyone

Normally Android phone needs to be rooted to hide Android apps, but in this article, I tell you without root access to hide an app with third-party app

Hide apps on android phone

1. First of all we need to download and install the “Apex Launcher” in our android phone. so, click the below download button to download

2. After downloading and install the app, launch the app on your android device and set this launcher in your device

3. Now on the home page, you will see the option “App setting” there. so click that option

4. Now you need to navigate to Drawer Settings->Hidden apps there. Just tap on it.

How to Hide Apps on Android

5. After completing the above steps. Now you will see the list of all the apps currently installed on your device, and you need to select the which apps you want to hide, after choosing the app click the “save” button

How to Hide Apps on Android

That’s it, now you can’t see those apps on your android drawer. This launcher is not suitable for you, you have another launcher which is “Go launcher” the procedure was the same, so you can also use it to hide an application on Android

Hide apps without launcher

Lot of app hider application are there in google play store. but these apps also allow users to set up a PIN, Pattern lock to protect the hidden apps.

1. App Hider

How to Hide Apps on Android

App hider is full fluxed app hider application, this will hide almost every install apps on android. Apart from that, App Hider also provides other features like cloning apps, photos & video vault, etc.

2. Privacysafe

PrivacySafe is a privacy protection app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The app can easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, apps, etc., from your Android smartphone. It also offers users a password-protected vault that can be used to store sensitive files.

I hope this article help you lot’s if yes means please share your friends also, if you have any doubts means please free to ask in the command section


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