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How to hack whatsapp account with whatsapp sniffer

In this article I’m going to teach you how to hack whatsapp account without touch victim mobile phone. In our virtual environment, we can’t count on our existence with out the internet. So anybody the usage of smartphones frequently for communique and amusement purposes.

Most of the human beings mainly speak with WhatsApp best due to the fact it’s far a natural, secure, and dependable messaging app. Also, it affords us with such a lot of thrilling highlights, and it’s far the maximum famous and appreciably used app with inside the world.

Everyone who uses WhatsApp, from children to the elderly, is so fashionable in the world. After WhatsApp was launched, people liked it more and began to prefer WhatsApp for discussions, video calls, audio calls, and messaging. Some of them are interested in chatting with your loved ones, but they did not give you a smartphone and hide it in their phone, so it will help if you are not worried because Whatsapp Sniffer Apk is for you. This WhatsApp sniffer app is very useful for parents to follow their children closely using WhatsApp.

What is whatsapp sniffer?

Whatsapp Sniffer Apk is a good way to get rid of painful bad habits. This application is used to keep track of the people you love. You can view the history of calls and messages. This is only possible if both are using the same WiFi. Otherwise, you will not receive the data. Therefore, please use this application with a clear mind.


This option of monitoring others’ chats & calls is only possible when you both are connected to one network wifi


  • Rooted android device
  • WIFI connection
  • Busy box app
  • Latest android version mobile for better results
  • Enable unknown sources installation

How to hack whatsapp account with whatsapp sniffer

  1. First you enable unknown source
  2. Download the whatsapp sniffer application
  3. Now, allow the option after you can happily install WhatsappSniffer APK files on your smartphone device.
  4. Once the Installation method is complete, open any file explorer on your device like ES File Explorer.
  5. In here, operate to the folder holding the WhatsAppSniffer App, which you have downloaded beginning. Once you have noticed this APK file, open it utilizing ES File Explorer.
  6. Later that, allow all the required approvals of this app, which will start the installation method. And Whatsapp Sniffer Apk will be happily installed on your device within some seconds. Once that is completed, you can start managing this app for sniffing Whatsapp accounts on your network right away.


Be sure to install Busybox to enable root access to your phone. So that can allow a few system settings to install the application.

How to utilise

  1. Firstly get the apk file from the available resources. 
  2. Open the app and explore the options inside it before you start accessing the application. 
  3. Make sure you enable the root access for sure. 
  4. On the bottom line of the app, accept the ARP spoof checkbox to search for the devices around using WhatsApp. 
  5. It’ll show a message saying that searching for the devices in the area to capture.  
  6. Finally, choose the phone you want to look into from the list obtained.

WhatsDelete app download

PASSWORD: www.errorsfind.com

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