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How to Hack temple run game no root

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Hack Temple Run – Temple Run is a 3D endless running video game developed and published by Imangi Studios. The player controls an explorer who has obtained an ancient relic and runs from demonic monkey-like creatures chasing him

In this game, the characters that you choose to play as steal a relic from a temple. Your goal is to run for as long as possible without dying (either by crashing too many times and having the demonic monkey catch you, getting burned by the random flames, or falling off the edge).

This game have more powers to the character and that powers needs a coins to improve, So in this article i’m going to teach you how to increase temple run game coins

Hack Temple Run game coin

1. First of all we need to install the “Temple rungame. So click the below download button

2. Then install the “Parallel Space 64 Bit” application with the below download button

3. After completed the above two steps, Now install the “Game guardian” app with the below download button

4. Now Move all above installed apps in separate screen.

How to Hack temple run game no root

Prepare for Hack temple run

1. First we need to open the “Parallel space app” And add “Game guardian” and “Temple Run” App

How to Hack temple run game no root

2. Now Click the “Game Guardian” App to performs a reinstallation of itself with a random name to exclude detection by games. So wait a bit

How to Hack temple run game no root

3. Now add the latest installed application through “game guardian and temple run” app

How to Hack temple run game no root

4. Now click the last added app, in my case that name “Zoni Rt Kp“. The it will need “Restart” So click to restart.

restart game

Hack Temple Run coin

1. After complete the above steps, Now click the latest installed app then click the start button. After you can see the “Game guardian” Floating icon

How to Hack temple run game no root

2. Now open “Temple Run” game in “Parallel space”. Then play the game by 5 seconds to earn some coins

note coin value

3. Now click the “Game guardian” floating icon. and you can see one pop up that called “select process” then you should select “Temple Run

select process

4. Now click the below mentioned “search icon

type your coin values

5. Then enter the your coin value in my case my coin value is 500

enter coin

6. After entering the coin value click the “New search” button. and select “Dword” second option in the pop up menu.

select process

7. Now check the result, all the result value must be your input value. If not same again play the game to increase your coin and again follow the step 4,5 and 6

click write button

8. After completed the above steps click the below mentioned icon

game guardian

9. Now enter needed coin value in my convenient i enter the maximum value. see the below image

enter the amount value

10. Now click the “Yes” button and close the “Game guardian” 

hack coin

11. Once you complete the above steps now spent the coin to increase the power. the coin value automatically changed

How to Hack temple run game no root

Thats it now you are done. This is the way to hack temple run with game guardian app. I hope this article help you lot. If yes means please share your friends and if you have any doubts means please free to ask in the command section.


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