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how to hack someones Snapchat

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What we will see in this post is how hackers hack someones Snapchat account. Hackers use numerous methods, and we will see the most common ones in this post. We will also learn how to secure our Snapchat account from them.

Hack someones snapchat with phishing

Phishing is the most basic type of hacking. You don’t need to study hacking or have programming expertise to carry out this attack because there are various phishing tools available online.

In this post, we are going to use a tool called RM-phishing this tool is developed with PHP program and you can use this tool with android, Linux, windows, and mac.

If you wish to use this tool on Android, you must first install the termux application on your smartphone, followed by the termux basic package.

To begin, copy the command below and paste it into your linux terminal before pressing the enter button to download this utility.

					git clone https://github.com/ritheshnayak/RM-phisher.git
how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for downloading the rm-phishing tool

Now, on your terminal, execute the following command to change your directory to the directory of this tool.

					cd RM-phisher

After updating your directory, run this programme on your device with the bash command.

					bash RM-phisher.sh
how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for executing the phishing tool

You should now see a 33-phishing template with Snapchat as option 13, so put 13 into your console and click the enter button.

how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for seeing all phishing template

Your phishing link will be produced when you select the Snapchat phishing template.

how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for getting the phishing link

Now, copy the provided link and send it to the intended recipient. When your target clicks on the URL you emailed them, the picture below will show.

how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for victim view snap-chat phishing page

If your target clicks on the link you received and enters their login and password, the information will be shown on your terminal.

how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for getting the victim details

This is how a hacker gains access to someone’s Snapchat account using a phishing attempt.

How to protect yourself from snpchat phishing?

Protecting your Snapchat account against phishing attacks is straightforward; first, do not open any links or submit any personal information.

If you suspect a link, copy it and go to the virustotal site to scan it; you’ll be able to see what the link looked like after you scan it.

Hack someones snapchat with bruteforce

In addition to phishing attacks, most hackers utilise bruteforce attacks to breach snapchat accounts. Unlike phishing attacks, this assault needs some effort.

SnapBrute is the tool we’ll be using for this; it’s totally created in Python and can be used on termux, linux, windows, and mac.

First, use the command below to download the Snapchat bruteforce tool.

					git clone https://github.com/Plasmonix/SnapBrute.git
how to hack someones Snapchat
Download snpchat bruteforce tool

Now, in your terminal, type cd SnapBrute to change your directory, then pip install -r requirements.txt to install all of the tool’s needs.

					cd SnapBrute
pip install -r requirements.txt
how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for installing the requirements

Now, if you enter python3 main.py in your terminal, this application will start on your smartphone, and you can insert your target’s username and load the password file, which you can generate, save, and crack.

					python3 main.py
how to hack someones Snapchat
Output for cracking the password

How to protect yourself from snapchat bruteforce?

If you wish to safeguard your account against bruteforce attacks, you must first create a strong password that includes lower case, higher case, and special characters. You should also set two factor authentication on your account so that even if the hacker discovers your password, they are unable to access your account.

Hack someones snapchat with mail

If you question if you can hack a snapchat account using mail, the answer is yes. Most hackers employ this technique, in which hackers compose a message claiming that there is a problem with your account and send it to you via snapchat mail; when hackers do this, you can simply do it. You will be convinced.

For this, hackers employ mail spoofing, which allows you to send emails from any email address.

How protect your snapchat from mail phishing

To protect your account from mail spoofing, the first thing you should do is not click on any links that may arrive over the mail, even if you accidentally clicked on them. Also, do not write your login or password. Aside from that, by implementing two factor authentication on your Snapchat account, you can prevent the hacker from signing in even if they find your password.


I hope this post has shown you that hacking a Snapchat account is simple, and that you will also learn how to safeguard your Snapchat account. Please share this post with your friends, and if you have any questions concerning the command part, please contact me.



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