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How to hack Phone in 2022 without touching it

Hack any android phone without touching it

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Hack phone in 2022 – Everyone have one smartphone that has store all personal information like friends and family phone numbers, banking details, all social media accounts and etc. for the reason the hackers get to access smartphone.

The hackers use lots of ways to get remote access an smartphone. but we discuss with the most used hacking methods

Hack Phone in 2022

1. Hack phone with QR code

The Qr code Attack method will allow us to clone a site and perform PowerShell injection through HTA files which can be used for Windows-based PowerShell exploitation through the browser. It is a simple HTML application that can provide full access to the remote attacker. The usual file extension of an HTA is (.hta).

With this attack the hacker generate one QR code after that sharing with victim. if the victim scan that qrcode the hacker get the remote access

How to hack Phone in 2022 without touching it

2. Hack phone with sending link

With this attack using Auxiliary modules. thats are a fascinating feature of the framework allowing it to extend for a variety of purposes other than exploitation. You can create your own quick vulnerability scanners, port scanners, make MSF work as an FTP, HTTP or SMTP client and do a whole lot of other cool stuff

There are many exploits in the auxiliary, but we are now using “browser exploit”. This exploit provides more details about your victim.

Browser exploit is one of the information gathering exploits, it is not a payload once a link is created and sent to the victim with this exploit, it provides all the information about the victim’s device

How to hack Phone in 2022 without touching it

3. Hack phone with metasploit

The Metasploit Framework is a Ruby-based, modular penetration testing platform that enables you to write, test, and execute exploit code. you can access this tool to linux and termux. With metasploit you can create payload and access others smartphones remotely

How to hack Phone in 2022 without touching it

4. Hack phone with fatrat

The FatRat is a free and open-source tool used as an exploiting tool. The FatRat tool adds malware with a payload and after that, the malware that you have developed can be executed on different types of operating systems such as android, windows, mac, Linux. The FatRat is a powerful tool that can bypass most of the Antivirus easily and can maintain the connection between attacker and victim. Fatrat Tool can help in generating backdoors, system exploitation, post-exploitation attacks, browser attacks, DLL files, FUD payloads against Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Android

hack android phone

5. Hack phone with WishFish

Using WishFish tool you can generate different phishing links of wishing or custom sites which can grab victim front camera pictures and also gives you lockup information of target IP address.

how to hack android camera

6. Hack smartphone password

With brute-force attack. It uses a USB OTG cable to connect the locked phone to the Nethunter device. It emulates a keyboard, automatically tries PINs, and waits after trying too many wrong guesses.

[Nethunter phone] <–> [USB cable] <–> [USB OTG adaptor] <–> [Locked Android phone]

The USB HID Gadget driver provides emulation of USB Human Interface Devices (HID). This enables an Android Nethunter device to emulate keyboard input to the locked phone. It’s just like plugging a keyboard into the locked phone and pressing keys.

hack android phone

7. Hack phone pattern password

Hacklock is a bash based script which is officially termux from this tool in just one click you can generate pattern phishing tool which can hack victim android mobile password and. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.

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