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How to hack android password with bruteforce attack

In this article I’m going to teach you how to hack android password with brute-force attack. It uses a USB OTG cable to connect the locked phone to the Nethunter device. It emulates a keyboard, automatically tries PINs, and waits after trying too many wrong guesses.

[Nethunter phone] <–> [USB cable] <–> [USB OTG adaptor] <–> [Locked Android phone]

The USB HID Gadget driver provides emulation of USB Human Interface Devices (HID). This enables an Android Nethunter device to emulate keyboard input to the locked phone. It’s just like plugging a keyboard into the locked phone and pressing keys.

This takes just over 16.6 hours with a Samsung S5 to try all possible 4 digit PINs, but with the optimised PIN list it should take you much less time.


  • A locked Android phone
  • A Nethunter phone (or any rooted Android with HID kernel support) or linux
  • USB OTG (On The Go) cable/adapter (USB male Micro-B to female USB A), and a standard charging cable (USB male Micro-B to male A)


  • Turn your NetHunter phone into and Hack android password machine
  • Unlike other methods, you do not need ADB or USB debugging enabled on the locked phone
  • The locked Android phone does not need to be rooted
  • You don’t need to buy special hardware, e.g. Rubber Ducky, Teensy, Cellebrite, XPIN Clip, etc.
  • You can easily modify the backoff time to crack other types of devices


  • Crack PINs of any length from 1 to 10 digits
  • Use config files to support different phones
  • Optimised PIN lists for 3,4,5, and 6 digit PINs
  • Bypasses phone pop-ups including the Low Power warning
  • Detects when the phone is unplugged or powered off, and waits while retrying every 5 seconds
  • Configurable delays of N seconds after every X PIN attempts
  • Log file

Executing the script

If you installed the script to /sdcard/, you can execute it with the following command.

bash ./android-pin-bruteforce

Note that Android mounts /sdcard with the noexec flag. You can verify this with mount.



How to download and use?

Step 1:

First you download android pin bruteforcer tool so type this below command on your terminal this will help you to download this package.

git clone https://github.com/urbanadventurer/Android-PIN-Bruteforce.git

download android password hacker
download password bruteforcer

Step 2:

Change the directory root directory into android pin brute-force directory so type this below command on your terminal.

cd  Android-PIN-Bruteforce

Step 3:

Connect your phone into nethunder phone or linux > type this below command to execute this tool.

./android-pin-bruteforce <command> [options]

Supported android phones/devices

This has been successfully tested with various phones including the Samsung S5, S7, Motorola G4 Plus and G5 Plus.

It can unlock Android versions 6.0.1 through to 10.0. The ability to perform a bruteforce attack doesn’t depend on the Android version in use. It depends on how the device vendor developed their own lockscreen

Check the Phone Database for more details: Phone-DataBase


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