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How to find suspicious link & find virus link

 Hello guy’s Welcome to another article, Most of the people have android smart phone at the same time most of the people know basic hacking like phishing method. In this phishing method hacker sent one link to victim if that victim click that link the hacker hacked victim phone so In this article I’m going to show you how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

How to find virus link?

Step 1:

First you copy your doubtable link

Step 2:

Now you go Virustotal website so click this below link this link will be redirect to virustotal website


Now you will go this website the website interface will be like this above image. now you can see three options FILE, URL, SEARCH, Just you navigate to URL option

Step 3:

Now you past your link in to virustotal website 

 Now just press search icon once you press means you will get all information about that link



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