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How to find list of web directory with Dirattack | Termux |

 Hello guy’s in this article i’m going to show you How to find website directory’s with Termux 

What is Dirattack Tool?

DirAttack tools, Search file and directory on website,open source tools available for Termux and Linux.
Easy to use!


  • An android device with android version 5.0 and above.
  • Termux application
  • Internet
If you download the termux application means run the termux app
First we are going to update the package list so type this blow command.

apt update

Now we have python package so type this below command to install python.

pkg install python

pkg install python2 

After install python package we will install git package this git package will help you to clone the package.

pkg install git

Step 1: 

After installing the git package we are going to clone the DIRATTACK package into our directory with the help of git commaand.

git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/DirAttack

Step 2: 

Now we have dirattack folder in our termux root directory now we need to open that folder following commands.

cd DirAttack

Step 3: 

Now we need to give the permission of read-write and execute to the DIRATTACK python file by using the command.

chmod +x install.py

Step 4: 

After that you need to run the following in order to run the INSTALL.PY

python3 install.py

 Now DIRATTACK is successfully installed on your termux.

Step 5:

Now you just run this below command to use dirattack tool.

dirattack –help




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