Hometermux basicsHow to download files and videos in termux

How to download files and videos in termux

How to download files – In general, 90% of people use android mobile but they prefer a laptop to download a file or video because the laptop has more download software and that will be much faster.

As far as android is concerned there is no such download software because android browsers have a download option.

But we can’t download some of them using the Android browser like youtube videos, movies, and social media videos and images

What we are going to look at in this post is how to download all kinds of downloadable files using an android phone.

How to download any files on android?

Step 1:

First, you need to download two applications, The application link is given below just you download that.

  1. Termux
  2. Termux API

Step 2:

Once you install those two android application after that open termux application and type the below command on your termux terminal.

					apt install termux-api

Step 3:

Now type the below command on your termux application to download any file.

					termux-download -d -t ( past downloading URL )

Once your download was completed all your download files have in download folder in internal storage.

After reading this article you can easily download any file. i hope this article help you lot if you like means please share your friends also.


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