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How to create wordlist file for WIFI password hacking

In this article I’m going to teach you how to create wordlist file for WIFI hacking. From the previous post we discussed how to captured handshake file. if will we captured handshake means the next we will crack the password so the password cracking process need to a wordlist.

The wordlist play a major role for password cracking if you create a correct wordlist file you can hack any password like Facebook, Instagram, WIFI etc.

Thousands of way’s are there on making a wordlist but I’m going to teach you simplest way. you will can make any formatted wordlist with this simplest method.

How to create Wordlist file for WIFI password Hacking?

Step 1:

First you need to check you Linux machine have crunch tool or not so type this below command on your terminal.

crunch -h ( or ) crunch –help

How to create wordlist file on wifi password hacking
Crunch Tool

Step 2:

Now we know some information about wordlist making.

  1. You should have some guessing power, For an example if will you guess your victim password for how many digits, If they use special character, or if they used only numbers or letters and if they use combine all of this because if you guess your victim password type you can easily make a wordlist.
  2. Most of them using they personal information like birth date, Child name, Wife name, pet name, and nick name so you should collect victim personal information also.

If you follow this criteria means you can make wordlist very easily on targeted victim

Step 3:

Now you type this below format of command. this format of command will help you to make a wordlist.

crunch (minimum digits ) ( Maximum digits ) ( password characters) -o password.txt 

How to create wordlist n wifi password hacking
Create Wordlist

The password file will be saved on your root directory or you local directory it is depending on your terminal location.

That’s it once you make correct password file means you can easily hack victim password



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