Homelinux tutorialHow to create own password list with linux crunch tool

How to create own password list with linux crunch tool

 Hello guy’s, Welcome to another article in this article we are going to discuss about How to create password list with linux crunch tool. crunch is a best password maker tool, you create which you want like, fix your length, choose which type of password number, letter, and special character.

How to create best password list using linux

Step 1:

First you open Terminal in your linux

Step 2:

Now you type this below command in your Linux this command will help you to make password list in your linux.

crunch (mini. password length) (max. password length) (password character)

Step 3:

If you need to create password for only number First you decide password length for example if you need 3 digit’s password means type this below image 

Now if you need to create 1 to 3 digit’s password means see the below image.

I think now you will understand how this tool perform, if you need to save this all created password means see this below image.



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