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How to crack PDF password

A multi-threaded PDF password cracking utility equipped with commonly encountered password format builders and dictionary attacks.

Crack PDF password – You may be the one who stores your personal information in PDF, so when you save the information you will definitely give password protection to that PDF file, this post will help you if you ever forgot that PDF password.

In this post, we will see how to recover the password of a forgotten PDF file. There are many methods to crack a password but the brute-force method is the best so we are going to use that method to find the password.

The tool we are going to use for this cracking is called pdfrip. This tool was created by mufeedvh, and this tool is made entirely using rust language so you can use this tool on Termux and Linux.

What is PDFrip?

pdfrip is a fast multithreaded PDF password cracking utility written in Rust with support for wordlist-based dictionary attacks, date and number range brute-forcing, and a custom query builder for password formats.


Fast: Performs about 50-100k+ passwords per second utilizing complete CPU cores.
Custom Query Builder: You can write your own queries like STRING{69-420} with the -q option which would generate a wordlist with the full number range.
Date Bruteforce: You can pass in a year as the input with the -d option which would brute force all 365 days of the year in DDMMYYYY format which is a pretty commonly used password format for PDFs.
Number Bruteforce: Just give a number range like 5000-100000 with the -n option and it would brute force with the whole range.

How to install pdf password cacker tool?


  1. Git
  2. Rust
  3. Cargo (Automatically installed when installing Rust)
  4. A C linker (Only for Linux, generally comes pre-installed)

First, you have to type the following command in your Linux or termux terminal and download the pdfrip tool.

					git clone https://github.com/mufeedvh/pdfrip.git
How to crack PDF password
Output for downloading the pdfrip tool

After the download is complete you need to convert your terminal directory to the pdfrip tool directory. so you need to type the following command in your terminal.

					cd pdfrip
How to crack PDF password
Output for changing the directory

Now you need to builds the source in release mode so execute the following command in your terminal 

					sudo cargo build --release

Crack PDF password

Now you need to create a password file to crack your PDF password. Then you can easily find the password using the password file created.

					Get a list of all the arguments:
$ pdfrip --help

Start a dictionary attack with a wordlist (-w/--wordlist):
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -w rockyou.txt

Bruteforce number ranges for the password (-n/--num-bruteforce):
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -n 1000-9999

Bruteforce all dates in a year for the password in DDMMYYYY format (-d/--date-bruteforce):
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -d 1999

Build a custom query to generate a wordlist (-q/--custom-query): (useful when you know the password format)
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -q ALICE{1000-9999}
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -q DOC-ID{0-99}-FILE

Enable preceding zeros for custom queries (-z/--add-preceding-zeros): (which would make {10-5000} to {0010-5000} matching the end range's digits)
$ pdfrip encrypted.pdf -q ALICE{10-9999} --add-preceding-zeros
How to crack PDF password
Output for password cracking

How to prevent password cracking?

Your password must be very strong if you want to protect your pdf file from password cracking. Also, your password must be over 10 digits and you must include a number, character, and special character in your password.

You can delay the attacker by setting the password as mentioned above. It can take months, even years, to find your password.

Hope this post was very helpful to you. I also want to share this post with your friends. If you have any doubts about this post you can ask me through the command section.


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