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How to capture handshake file on WIFI hacking

In this article I’m going to teach you how to capture handshake file on targeted WIFI. In WIFI hacking this handshake file is very important if you get this means you will easily hack WIFI.

What is WIFI handshake file?

WIFI handshake is nothing but exchange the information between the access point and client at the time the client connect to it. This information contains a verity of keys. in simple words we can define handshake on 2 points

  1. A handshake can be captured while connecting a client who knows a valid password to a wireless access point
  2. The handshake contains enough information to decrypt the password.


Handshake not hack the WIFI password it will capture information between the router and client

How to capture handshake file on targeted WIFI network?

Step 1:

First we need to enable the monitor mode if you don’t know how to enable this just read this article

Step 2:

Now we need to know how many WIFI networks around us so type this below command on your terminal this command will help you to show all available WIFI networks around you.

sudo airodump-ng wlan0

How to capture handshake file
Capture WIFI networks around us

Step 3:

Once you captured surrounding WIFI networks just cancel this process with help of this ctrl+c then type this below command this command will help you to capture handshake file.

sudo airodump-ng –bssid ( Targeted wifi network mac address ) –channel ( Targeted wifi channel number) –write handshake wlan0

How to capture handshake file
command of  Handshake capture

Once you execute this command on your terminal it will ready to captured handshake file.

How to captured handshake file
Process will start

Step 4:

Now we need to open new terminal and start deauthentication attack on targeted WIFI network because our target  is WIFI password hacking so we need attack connected client’s so only that clients again connected their WIFI network. If that client do this means we will easily capture handshake file

Once you captured handshake file means your terminal show right said corner see this below image

How to capture handshake file
Captured handshake file

Now you see your terminal right said corner its shows WPA handshake once this message appear on your terminal you will stop your process and start cracking.

I hope you like this article if you like means share your friends also further WIFI tutorial update on day by day tankyou


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