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How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

Hack websites – website is nothing but the collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

For website hacking, there are many ways, but not all methods were easy, but now we are going to discuss one of the easiest methods called phishing attack. And using this attack the hacker get website login username and password

Hack websites with phishing attack

In this phishing attack, I will be using the setoolkit tool to create a phishing page because it is very simple. Before that, we can find the website login page, so please follow the steps below

Find website admin page

If the victim use wordpress we can easily find the login page but the victim use any other software little bit hard. so you use this below admin finder tool

1. First Download the “okadminfinder” tool, so type the below command in your terminal, this tool will work on both linux and termux

					git clone https://github.com/mIcHyAmRaNe/okadminfinder3.git

2. Now change the directory to “okadminfinder3” so execute the below command in your terminal

					cd okadminfinder3

3. Now we need to install the requirements so execute the below commands one by one on your terminal

					pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo apt install tor

4. Once you complete the above steps run the below command to find the target website admin page

USAGE: python3 okadminfinder.py -u (target website address)

					python3 okadminfinder.py -u www.errorsfind.com
find-admin page

That’s it, your are done to find the website admin login page, Now we can create the phishing page

Create phishing page

1. First of all we need to open the “setoolkit” tool on your linux so type the below command on your terminal.

					sudo setoolkit
How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

2. Now choose first option “Social-Engineering attacks” Then choose option two “Website Attack vectors

How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

3. Now you can see seven Attacking methods but we should choose option three “Credential Harvester Attack Method

How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

4. Now choose option Two “site cloner“. After that it will ask your ip address you just press enter button it will automatically take it.

How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

5. After completing the above steps enter the target website admin URL and press enter, then the phishing page was created within a minute

create phishin page

After creating the phishing page check it will work or not, so type the below url in your browser

How hackers Hack websites with a phishing attack

If you need to share this phishing link to victim, you should use ngrok. you just start ngrok after creating a phishing page and send that ngrok link. If that victim type any data on shared phishing link that all information showed in your terminal

get website password

That’s it. this is how hackers hack websites with phishing method. I hope this article helps you lot. if you have any doubts please free to ask in the command section

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