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Hotstar OTP bypass with phishing method

¬†Hello guy’s, Welcome to another article, In this article I’m going to show how to bypass Hotstar OTP. This method is very simple so follow step by step.
Hotstar OTP bypass with phishing method


  • Termux or linux or 000Webhost
  • Internet

How to bypass Hotstar OTP

Step 1:

First you download phishing pages script so click this below download button

Once you click this above download button you will get one zip file. once you get just extract that with this below password

password: errorsfind.com

Step 2:

Now open extracted folder with name of ” Hotstar-bypass”
Hotstar OTP bypass with phishing method

Step 3:

Now open your terminal inside “Hotstar-otp-bypass” folder
Hotstar OTP bypass with phishing method

Step 4:

Now you just type this below command in your terminal this command will help you to forward you index file into web
Hotstar OTP bypass with phishing method

Now you will get one link but this link only work for same wifi connection devices so you start your ngrok with same port of localhost 4444 share that ngrok link to victim

forward the port using ngrok

If that victim click this link means this link will show this blow image page

victim view phishing page

If that victim enter the phone number that page will redirect to otp page

vitim view phishing page

When victim enter his credentials, you need to go to original website and use those credentials to send real OTP to victim. Once he enter that OTP such OTP will also be there with you and you will be allowed to login the account before him.

Now all your victim data’s will be stored in our “Hotstar-otp-bypass” folder with name of “errorsfind.txt” so you can get your victim OTP
all phishing files in your host
Now you copy you victim OTP and past hotstart app or website that’t it


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