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HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool

HostHunder is a Python3 Osint tool that comes in the Kali Linux repository. This Tool Discover hostname provides a large set of target IP addresses


  1. Extracts information from SSL/TLS certificates.

  2. Supports Free HackerTarget API requests.

  3. Takes Screenshots of the target applications.

  4. Validates the target IPv4 address.

  5. Supports .txt and .csv output file formats.

  6. Gathers information from HTTP headers.

  7. Verifies Internet access.

  8. Retrieves hostname values from services at 21/tcp, 25/tcp, 80/tcp, and 443/tcp ports.

  9. Supports Nessus target format output.

How to Install and use HostHunter Tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to install the HostHunter tool to execute the following command in your kali-Linux machine

					sudo apt install hosthunter
HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool

Step 2:

Now type the below command to check this tool has been properly installed or not and also learn the used parameter

					hosthunter -h

Step 3:

If you need to check a single IP address means to type the following command in your terminal

					hosthunter -t (Target IP Address)
HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool

Step 4:

Now we run this on HostHunter to resolve the hostnames of the above IP address and save our output on a CSV file by using the following command

					hosthunter demoIP.list -f csv -o hosthunter
HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool

After completing the process just list out the directory

output file

Now open the CSV file. the information page will be the below image

HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool


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