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HaxRat – Android RAT Tool take full control on android

HaxRat is an Android remote administration tool. This tool has more controlling options and it supports android and Linux. The main feature of this tool is a user interface


  1. Screenshot Capture.

  2. Screen Recorder.

  3. Rear Camera Recorder.

  4. Front Camera Recorder.

  5. Lock Device.

  6. GPS Logging.

  7. Microphone Recording.

  8. View Contacts.

  9. SMS Logs.

  10. Send SMS.

  11. Call Logs.

  12. View Installed Apps.

  13. View Stub Permissions.

  14. Live Clipboard Logging.

  15. Live Notification Logging.

  16. View WiFi Networks (logs previously seen).

  17. File Explorer & Downloader.

  18. Command Queuing.

  19. Built-In APK Builder.

How to install and use the HaxRat Tool?

The installation process was very simple but before that, we need to install some required packages so following the below commands

First, we need to install the JRE Package in our kali-Linux system so execute the below command

					sudo apt-get install nvidia-openjdk-8-jre
java installetion

Then install the node-Js package so type the following command in your terminal

					sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
nodejs installetion

After completing the Node-Js, and JRE installation package installs the pm2 process manager to execute the following command

					sudo npm install pm2 -g
pm2 installetion

Step 1:

Completing the pre-request installation Download the HaxRat tool to execute the following command

					git clone https://github.com/Hax4us/haxRat
download haxrat tool

Step 2:

Then we navigate to the server directory under haxRat by using the Below command

					cd haxRat/server
change directory

Step 2:

Now install the dependencies using the npm command

					npm install
npm install

Step 3:

Now change the password of haxrat tool so edit the “maindb.json“. The password should be “MD5 Hash code

password change

If you don’t know the password changing follow the below steps

First, click the below button and type your password to the text box and click the generate button

MD5 hash password

After clicking the generated button your password hash code will be ready to copy that hash code

hash password generator

Step 4:

Now paste the MD5 Hash code to the password location inside the quotation

HaxRat – Android RAT Tool take full control on android

Step 5:

Now run the below command inside the server directory

					node index.js
HaxRat – Android RAT Tool take full control on android

Now copy that generated URL and paste it to the browser to access the HaxRat tool

HaxRat – Android RAT Tool take full control on android

Now log in to the haxrat tool after that click the Apk builder option to generate the payload. Then send a payload to the victim, Once the victim installs your payload to their android phone you can access all data from your device

HaxRat – Android RAT Tool take full control on android


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