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Hacking Gmail account using Brute-force attack.

Hello guy’s welcome to another article, In this article we are going to discuss about how to hack gmail account with brute-force attack.

This is a Python3 Script for hacking Gmail account using Dictionary Attack Methord.


  • Linux or Termux
  • Git package
  • python package

How to install python package

If you have Ubuntu 16.10 or newer you can easily install python3 using the following commands.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python3

If you are using other Linux distribution, Most probably have Python 3 pre-installed as well. If not, use your distribution’s package manager. or just read python installing guide.

sudo dnf install python3

How to hack Gmail password with brute-force attack

Step 1: Clone the gmail-hack package

First you need to clone the gmail hacking package so type this below command in your terminal this command will help you to clone the package.


Step 2: Change the directory

Now we need to change the directory so type this below command in your terminal.

cd hack-gmail

Step 3: Give the permission

Now give the permission to read write and execute of hack-gmail.py python script so type this below command in your terminal.

chmod +x hack-gmail.py

Step 4: Hack gmail password

Now we need to execute of hack-gmail.py python file in our terminal so type this below command in our terminal

python3 hack-gmail.py

Once you execute hack-gmail.py python file type your victim gmail address see this below image.

Now we need to add our PASSWORD FILE so type 2nd option. Once you add your password list to this tool it will try to get possible password once this tool find correct password that will be indicate.


  • I recommend using Linux distro. (ubuntu,kali,Fedora,Arch,manjaro or etc).
  • I usually recommend you using your own wordlist for Brute-force attract that you customized for the target. but always u can use the inbuild password list. feel free to use that list in any type attack. (pwdlist: rockyou.txt) hope this script will help you. Good luck!



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