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Google chrome dinosaur game Trick

Hello guys in this article we are going to discus about google chrome dinosaur game Trick.

Google chrome is the best desktop web browser right now.if you have been using google chrome for a wile, then you might know about the hidden Dinosaur game.

First of all, open Google chrome on your computer.

Step 1:

You do not need to cut off the internet connection to test this hack.just type following command in the address bar, and you get the Dinosaur game.


 Step 2:

Now Right click any where on the browser screen and select the “inspect”. Under the chrome developer

Tool, select the “console”tab



Step 3:

Under the console tab past the following command’s ant hit the Enter button

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver



Step 4:

Once you done the above command, again you paste this blow command and hit enter button

Runner.prototype.gmaeOver=function (){}



Step 5:

Now close the inspect elements and play the game. the dinosaur will be unaffected by the cacti or flying creature.


Step 6:

To revert the changes, just execute the following command in the console tab.





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