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GmailGod – Get a Gmail password

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What we are going to see in this post is about the tool called GmailGod, this tool is completely developed in shell language.

By using this tool you can find your Gmail account password if you forget it and if you know your target’s mail id you can also find their password.

This tool is only a cracking script so you have to create the password file yourself and we have already prepared a tutorial for that you can read it and you can know that most people make mistake in creating the password file that’s why they are not able to crack the password.

The most important thing in this password cranking is the password file, so if we have the ability to create it clearly, we can crack the password of any account.

Install GmailGod Tool

First, you need to type the below command in your terminal to download this tool.

					git clone https://github.com/aryanrtm/GmailGod.git
GmailGod – Get a Gmail password
Output for downloading the gmailgod tool

Now we need to change the directory to GmailGod  so execute the following command on your terminal

					cd GmailGod
GmailGod – Get a Gmail password
Output for changing the directory

Now execute the “service tor start” command in your terminal and run tor service then run GmailGod tool using below command then load your Gmail list and password list and press enter button password cracking process will start.

					sudo service tor start
bash gmailgod.sh

GmailGod – Get a Gmail password
Output for password cracking

How to protect yourself from password cracking

It is very easy to protect your account from password cracking, first of all, you should not put your name, date of birth, and what other people know about you in the password and you should use number letters and special characters in the password. No one can crack it.

I hope you find this post very useful and if you have any queries you can ask me through the command section below.


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