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GeonumWh – Get phone number location

The best tool to get the location of a phone number. Available for all countries (BUILDING)

GeoNumWh is a shell script, this tool is specially developed to find phone number locations, and this tool works in all countries, but it is not perfect yet, so it cannot find the location of some numbers.

The developer has said that the work of this tool will be completed in a few days.

Install Geonumwh tool on termux

First, you need to download the GeonumWh tool through your terminal and type the below command in your terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/WhBeatZ/GeonumWh.git
GeonumWh – Get phone number location
Output for downloading the tool

Now change the directory to tool so execute the below command on your terminal.

					cd GeoNumWh
GeonumWh – Get phone number location
Output for changing the directory

Now for this tool to be fully installed on your device, some required packages are required, so execute the following command in your terminal to install them.

					bash requirements.sh

After installing the required package, give the required permission to the GeonumWh.sh script and execute the following command.

					chmod +x GeonumWh.sh

Now execute the Geonumwh.sh script to your terminal

					bash GeonumWh.sh
GeonumWh – Get phone number location
Output for Executing the tool

Now you select the first option and then select the full database option which can be the third option, after that you just need to type the number of which phone number you want to find the location and press the enter button, and the location of that number will be displayed. You can get to know

GeonumWh – Get phone number location
Output for choosing database and type number

I hope you find this post beneficial and if you have any queries you can ask me through the below command section.


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