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FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G – The Android operating system, built by Google, is used by all Samsung smartphones and tablets. Once a year, Android receives a big update that brings new features and enhancements to all compatible devices.

So, if you forget the password for your Samsung device, you can reset it using the Google account associated to that device; however, if you lose the password for the Google account, you must perform the FRP reset described in this post. That’s what we’ll look at today: FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G.

FRP is a data protection mechanism that is built into all modern Android handsets. It protects phones from unwanted access. If you forget the last active Gmail account that was used on your phone after doing a factory reset, you must find a way to unlock your phone.

Here, in particular, I provide a complete procedure for successfully FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android 12 Without PC (SM-F907B) Unlock Google (New Security Patch). So, carefully follow the steps below.

What is FRP?

Factory reset protection (FRP) is one such function that is enabled by default on Android 5.0 and higher devices that use a Google account. When FRP is activated, only a person with a Google account password can factory reset and activate their device.

With each new Android version and phone, the technique of unlocking FRP security has changed. To avoid FRP protection lock, constantly remember your Gmail account information.

How FRP Works?

When you set up a Samsung Fold 5G Phone, the FRP activates automatically. To overcome Google account verification lock on your Samsung Fold 5G, you must log in with the same Google ID and password that you set up earlier on the device after Resetting your phone without removing the Google Account.

If your device is stuck at the FRP lock verification screen and you have forgotten your account information, then follow these simple step-by-step procedures to remove the Google account lock off your device.

Does factory reset remove FRP?

Once you’ve added a Google account to your Android phone, Factory Reset Protection will be enabled immediately. To disable FRP, you must first deactivate all Google accounts from your smartphone before resetting the device to factory settings.

Disabling Factory Reset Protection

To disable the FRP lock feature on your Samsung Fold 5G, go to the device Settings and delete the Gmail Account. To successfully disable the Factory Reset Protection, complete the following steps: go to the settings menu=>> Accounts=>> select the Gmail id =>> remove account =>> that’s it.

How to FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android 12 (SM-F907B)

The Samsung Fold 5G FRP Unlock procedure has become quite difficult. You may also use any appropriate FRP bypass tool & FRP Bypass APK based on your phone to unlock FRP, and here I give the most recent FRP Bypass process to remove FRP lock from your smartphone.

Bypass FRP Files is not liable for any damage to your device; please use at your own risk.

Step 1) connect wifi: Switch on your Samsung Fold 5G Phone, then click the start button, agree to the Terms & Conditions, then push the next button. now connect to wifi on your device.

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for connecting wifi network

Step 2) Enable Talkback: After wifi connect, again change your device to start page, after that press the Volume UP & Power Key at the same time, now you will get a pop up click on use option, Tap the Volume UP & Power Key again quickly to enable Talkback

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for enabling the talkback

Step 3) Open Google Assistance: After drawing “⅃” (Reverse L) on your screen, a pop-up will appear, in which you should select Use Voice Command and then say Open Google Assistance. To turn off talkback after receiving Google assistance, press Vol Up + Vol Down.

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for accesing the google assistance

Step 4) Open Youtube: After you’ve opened Google Assistance, pick the keyboard and put youtube into it to launch the YouTube app.

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for opening the youtube application

Step 5) Open google chrome: After opening the youtube page Tap on the User icon. Now you can see more option in Select Settings =>> About =>> YouTube Terms of Service

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for open the youtube about option

After selecting the YouTube Terms of Service option, you will be directed to the Chrome Browser.

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for open the google chrome browser

Step 6: Download Required apk’s Now type the two links given below separately in your browser and download Package Disabler Pro Apk and Notification Bar Apk.

Package Disabler pro = shorturl.at/boU35

Notification bar Apk = shorturl.at/lzIZ2

After downloading the two applications given above you can access the Galaxy Store by typing the link given below in your browser and pressing the enter button, thus after you open the galaxy store Tap on the search bar and search & install the applications listed below

Open Galaxy Store = intent://com.sec.android.app.samsungapps/#Intent;scheme=android-app;end

  1. Install Files Shortcut Apk
FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Output for downloading the files shortcut apk

2. Xshare Apk

FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Android
Download xShare Apk

Install IOS14 Launcher Apk

Output for install IOS 14 Lanchuar

Step 7: Give Required permission to the installd apps After installing OS14 Launcher open it and sign in your Samsung account Please wait while its install & Open OS14 launcher then Swipe to complete the Setup Send to the Desktop both Files Shortcut & Xshare Apk

Now Go to Settings =>> Privacy =>> Permission Manager =>> Files and Media

Output for Open files and media

Now click on the 3 dots on the top right side and click on Show System option.

Output for clicking the show system option

Now Select Xshare Apk and Turn On Allow management of all files.

Output for Turn On Allow management for Xshare Apk

Now Go back to the Launcher Menu =>> Open Xshare Apk and Click on Receive then Tap Allow a few times on Install Apps & Allow Modify System Settings

Output for Allow Modify System Settings from Xshare Apk

Now Go Back and Open Files Shortcut App and Go to Downloads =>> Install Package Disabler pro-Apk =>> Done

Output for Install Package Disabler pro Apk

Then Install Notification Bar & Open it

Output for Install Notification Bar

Let’s set up the Notification Bar first so Select Accessibility => Installed Services =>

Output for notification bar Installed Services

Now click allow button to allow Notification bar to have full controle of your phone

Output for Allow Notification Bar

Now Select Notifications => Allow Notification Bar
Then Pull down the Notification Bar to confirm if its working

Now again Go to Settings =>> Privacy =>> Permission Manager =>> Files and Media

Now Click on 3dots => Show System

Now Search & Select Package Disabler Pro and Turn On Allow management of all files.

Step 8: FRP Reset Samsung Fold 5G Now Go back to the Menu and Pull Down the Notification Bar and Disable WiFi and Mobile data Then Open Package Disabler Pro App and Put a check on I Agree & Enable Admin =>> Activate

On KLMS agent: enable WiFi or Mobile data from the Notification bar and then Tap on Agree then Wait for a few seconds, the App will open after Knox license validation is completed successfully

Now Tap on the Search icon and search for Setup then Select Android Setup (com.google.android.setupwizard) and Disable it

Then Select Samsung Setup Wizard (com.google.android.SecSetupWizard) and clear data. after that Check on the Top-left, the time will appear here

Now Just Go back and set up the initial steps. That’s it. You have successfully bypassed the Samsung Fold 5G phone


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