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FBSH – Facebook security hacking tool

FBSH – Hi guys from this article, I will show how to install the Hack Security Facebook tool in Termux and Linux

This Facebook security hacker tool can mass spam messages on FB by generating access tokens Before using the tool Generate your access token by logging into your Facebook account


  1. Generate Facebook Acces Token

  2. Mass Spam All Your Friends Phone Number

  3. Spam Your Friends Number From ID List

  4. Spam SMS Your Friends Only Number From ID

  5. Grab All Phone Number From Your FriendList

  6. Get Phone Number From ID

  7. Grab USERNAME From Your Friendlist

  8. Fast Grab ALL ID From Your Friendlist

  9. Grab Email From Your Friendlist

  10. Get Email From ID

  11. Fast Grab All Name From Your Friendlist

  12. Mass Spam Comment From Your Friends Wall POST ID

  13. (NEW) Spam Comment Friends POST Only With 1/10 Account

    Bot Auto Reactions From Your Wall post

  14. Fast Grab All ID+NAME From Your Friendlist

  15. Info

How to install and use the FBSH tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the FBSH tool so type the below command in your terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/TermuxHackz/fbsh.git
FBSH – Facebook security hacking tool

Step 2:

Now change the directory to Fbsh so run the below command

					cd fbsh
FBSH – Facebook security hacking tool

Step 3:

Then permit to read, write and execute of fbsh.py python file so execute the following command.

					chmod +x fbsh.py
FBSH – Facebook security hacking tool

Step 4:

After that run the fbsh.py python file with the below commands

					python2 fbsh.py
FBSH – Facebook security hacking tool

Once you have completed all the steps, you need to generate the Facebook access token first, after which you can use any option you want


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