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Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

Facebook modern sexy phishing template

Facebook Phishing – Hackers are finding new tricks to hack Facebook, the most common of which is the phishing trick used by hackers. This is because creating a phishing page is very simple. However, the phishing page that can be created must convince the target.

We’ve talked about creating more phishing tools and phishing pages before, but today we’re going to look at an advanced phishing template. 18+ people are more likely to click on this phishing page.

Facebook Phishing page for 18+

You can use this facebook phishing tool on Termux and Linux, but you can host this tool on 000webhost if you do not have much experience in Linux and Termux.

If you want to host this tool on 000webhost, To download this tool on your device first you can download the zip file by pressing the download button below. Its password is www.errorsfind.com.

If you do not know how to host this tool on the 000webhost website then watch the full video below.

Now to see how to use this tool on Linux and Termux. so first type the following command in your terminal and download this phishing tool.

					git clone https://github.com/swagkarna/18-plus-Facebook-Phishing.git
Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

After downloading this tool to your terminal you need to change it to its directory so you need to type the following command in your terminal.

					cd 18-plus-Facebook-Phishing
Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

Now you need to host this phishing tool on your device’s local server so you need to type the following command in your terminal.

					php -S localhost:4444 
Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

Now run the Ngrok tool on your device and send the available link to the target, because hosting on a local server will only work for those with the same wifi. Also, this phishing tool has mail support but the local server does not support mail sending

Maybe you host this tool on any hosting is mail sending can support so that the target type information can come to the mail you can give. To link your mail address to this tool you need to open the file email.php and type in your mail address and save and then host the phishing tool.

After your target clicks on the link you sent, they will be shown the phishing template in the image below.

Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

Since I have given the WhatsApp website URL WhatsApp comes in the background of this template, you can give the website you want, open the login.php file for it and change the link you want in the place shown in the image below

Facebook phishing – Modern phishing template

If you did not receive an email in your Inbox then check in Spam Folder. Also If your hosting provider does not support sending emails. Then no problem All logs will also be saved in the sensitiveinfo.txt file.

I hope this post was very helpful to you and I would love to share this post with your friends as well. If you have any doubts about this post you can ask me through the command section given below.


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