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Facebook Blocker – Block/Unblock Facebook on your Windows

Hello friends, in this article I will show you how to block or unblock Facebook on your Windows system.

What is Facebook Blocker?

Facebook Blocker is that the free tool to quickly Block or Unblock Facebook on your Windows system.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses Facebook all the time. Keeping employees productive in companies has become difficult, and parents cannot control their children.

This tool will be very useful for parents to prevent their children from using Facebook during exams. It’s also useful for universities, colleges, or small offices where admins can block access to Facebook during business hours.

Features of Facebook Blocker

  1. Free Tool to block or unblock Facebook

  2. Simple tool with cool GUI interface

  3. Displays current Facebook status any time

  4. Instantly blocks or unblocks without logging off or restarting the system

  5. Fully portable, does not require any .NET or other dependencies

  6. Includes Installer for local installation & un-installation

  7. Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit systems from Windows XP to Windows 10

How to install and use it?

Step 1:

First of all, you need to download the Facebook Blocking tool, so click the download button below.

Step 2:

Now Run ‘Facebook Blocker‘ on your system as Administrator

Step 3:

It will show you the current Facebook status as shown in the screenshot below.

Facebook Blocker – Block/Unblock Facebook on your Windows

Step 4:

Now you just need to click the button below to block or unblock Facebook.


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