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Domain who is lookup php script – get all website information with your localhost

 Hello guy’s, Welcome to another article, In this article we are going to discuss about how to get own whois php script and get all website information.
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What is who is record?

A who is record contains all of the basic contact information associated with person or company that register a particular domain name.


How to download and host

Step 1: Download script

First you download who is record php script so click this below download button.
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Step 2: Extract Zip file

Once you download extract with this below password


Step 3: Host php file in localhost

If you use termux means move your ” domain-whois-lookup-script-php-demo ” folder into your termux root directory or if you use linux means just open terminal inside ” domain-whois-lookup-script-php-demo ” folder
who is lookup own script

Now type this below command in your terminal

php -S localhost:4444

Host whois lookup script

Once you type this above command you will get one link with the port of 4444. now you just copy and past your browser.

host view



Now you can type any website to get all whois information.

whois record information



If you don’t have linux or termux device don’t worry host your php file in 000webhost


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