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Disable read receipts on WhatsApp Web

A Chrome extension that disables read receipts and presence updates on WhatsApp Web

Disable read receipts – WhatsApp is a great messaging, file-sharing application with many users. It is available for android and iPhone devices. If you want to use this WhatsApp application on windows or Mac devices, you can use it through the WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp developers have given more options to the user, but a few individual developers are giving more options through yowhatsapp, gbwhatsapp, etc.

This is the only whats app for android phones that individual developers can release. So in this post, we will see how to use the feature that can be in GB WhatsApp in normal WhatsApp.

Usually, most people use what’s app through whats app web, so we can use more features by installing a simple extension on WhatsApp web.

How it works

This extension works by intercepting the WebSocket frames between chrome and WhatsApp’s servers using a modified WebSocket constructor (see wsHook).

Those frames are then decrypted if needed using local encryption keys, and decoded from their binary XMPP form using a javascript code from WhatsApp’s original implementation.

The resulting “nodes” are then simply checked to see if WhatsApp tries to send out a read or presence action, and if so, the extension blocks it and fakes a failure response from the server.

Disable read receipts on WhatsApp web

This is the source code of a chrome extension that disables read receipts and presence updates on WhatsApp Web. You can find the original extension in Chrome Web Store.

Disable read receipts on WhatsApp Web
WAIncognito extension download page

After installing this WAIncognito extension in your chrome browser, scan your WhatsApp on your WhatsApp web. Then the incognito option will appear on your WhatsApp web page as in the image below.

Disable read receipts on WhatsApp Web
incognito option on whats app web

Now you can click on that incognito option and use the option you want, with this extension you can control read receipts and presence updates.

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