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Devploit – Information Gathering Tool

Devploit is a simple python script for Information Gathering

What we’ll look at in this post is a tool called devploit, which was created with Python and a shell programme and can only be used in Linux and not in Terminal.

This devploit tool is an osint tool, so we can use it to obtain all of the target’s information. Now you’re probably wondering what the osint tool is and what kind of information we can get from it, so let’s go over that first.

What is Osint Tool?

Open – sourced Intelligence software, referred to simply as OSINT software, are tools that allow the gathering of publicly available or open-source information. The primary goal of OSINT software is to discover more about someone or a company.

What information do we get from osint tools?

Using the osint tool, we can obtain all publicly available information; the type of information depends on the tool; using this devploit tool, we can obtain the following information.

● DNS Lookup ● Whois Lookup ● Revrse IP Lookup ● GeoIP Lookup ● subnet Lookup ● Port Scanner ● Extract Links ● Zone Transfer ● HTTP Header ● Host Finder ● IP-Locator

Install Devploit Tool in Linux

To download this tool, first enter the following command into your Linux terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/GhettoCole/Devploit.git
Devploit – Information Gathering Tool
Download devploit tool

Now type cd Devploit to change to the tool’s directory. Some permissions are required for this tool to run, so type chmod +x install in the terminal and execute it, followed by sudo bash install to install this tool.

					cd Devploit
chmod +x install
sudo bash install
Devploit – Information Gathering Tool
Output for installing the devploit tool

After installing this tool on your Linux, launch it by typing devploit into your terminal.

Devploit – Information Gathering Tool
Output for run devsploit tool

DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup returns information about given domain registers as well as DNS entries.

In this tool, you simply enter 1 and your target domain name, followed by www.

Devploit – Information Gathering Tool
Output for dns lookup

Reverse IP Lookup

The process of querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the domain name associated with an Internet Protocol (IP) address is known as reverse IP lookup. 

This option is the third in this tool; simply type 3 in the tool’s interface and enter the IP address of your target.

Devploit – Information Gathering Tool
output for Reverse IP lookup

Any other tools that may be present should be run in the same manner as the aforementioned tools.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any questions, please contact me using the form below.


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