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Datasploit – A tool to perform various OSINT techniques

Hello, guy’s welcome to another article in this article I’m going to show you Datasploit OSINT tool techniques.

What is OSINT?

OSINT is an open-source intelligence, the practice of collecting data from publicly available resources. Open source in this context, as opposed to software development, means that data is available to anyone with the relevant knowledge or skills to discover it.

What is Datasploit?

DataSploit is an analytics platform for discovering accounts, domain information, and other target-related information. It uses a variety of methods to identify businesses, people, phone numbers, and even cryptocurrency technologies. It allows you to aggregate all data without processing and return it in multiple formats.

Features Of Datasploit

  1. HTML output

  2. JSON output supported

How to install and use Datasploit Tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the Data sploit tool, so enter the following command in your terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/dvopsway/datasploit.git
Datasploit – A tool to perform various OSINT techniques

Step 2:

Change the directory to Data sploit so type the below command

					cd datasploit
Datasploit – A tool to perform various OSINT techniques

Step 3:

Now Install the requirements so type the below command in your Linux terminal.

					pip install -r requirements.txt
install datasploit requirements

Step 4:

After that run the tool which you want

	  ____/ /____ _ / /_ ____ _ _____ ____   / /____  (_)/ /_
	  / __  // __ `// __// __ `// ___// __ \ / // __ \ / // __/
	 / /_/ // /_/ // /_ / /_/ /(__  )/ /_/ // // /_/ // // /_  
	 \__,_/ \__,_/ \__/ \__,_//____// .___//_/ \____//_/ \__/  
         	   Open Source Assistant for #OSINT            
                 website: www.datasploit.info               
Usage: domainOsint.py [options]

  -h,	    	--help			    show this help message and exit
  -d DOMAIN,	--domain=DOMAIN		Domain name against which automated Osint 
                                    is to be performed.



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