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Credential phishing using Android Hotspot

Credential phishing using Android Hotspot Captive Portals

What we will show in this post is how to perform credential phishing using termux. As time goes on, all of the tools in termux get more powerful, and in a few days, all termux users will be able to do all of the hacking that can be done in Linux in termux.

This post will discuss the utility known as android-portals, which is fully integrated with the CSS program and only works for termux users on Android and no other device.


  1. Android

  2. Termux

  3. Root – required for redirecting requests with iptables

Install credential phishing tool

To begin downloading the android-portals programme in your terminal, copy the following command and paste it into your terminal, then hit the enter button.

					git clone https://github.com/kleo/android-portals.git
Credential phishing using Android Hotspot
Output for Downloading the tool

After downloading the credential phishing tool, navigate to the android-portals directory so execute the following command in your terminal.

					cd android-portals
Credential phishing using Android Hotspot
Output for changing the directory

To run this programme in your termux, you’ll need two packages: PHP and sudo, which you should install first.

					pkg install php tsu
Credential phishing using Android Hotspot
Output for installing the php and tsu

Now you must activate your hotspot in without password, the most important thing is that your hotspot name should be appealing to others, and then you may obtain your target’s credential by following the procedures in the video below.

NOTE: To use this programme on your termux, you must first root your Android phone otherwise it will not work.

How can you stay safe in the face of this attack?

In general, no one wifi connection does not ask for your social media account login or password, so if any wifi does, know that it is a phishing attempt and do not write anything.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and please share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact me using the form below.



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