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Create wireless hotspot for Linux

Hello guy’s, welcome to another article in this article i’m going to show you how to create wifi hotspot for linux with simple way.


  • Update linux up-to-date
  • wifi-hotspot bash script

How to enable wireless hotspot for linux

Step 1: Clone the package

First you download the wifi-hotspot script so type this below command in your linux terminal.

git clone https://github.com/mateus4k/wifi-hotspot.git

Step 2: Change the directory

Now type this below command this command will help you to change the directory

cd wifi-hotspot

Step 3: change the permission

Now give permission to read write and execute of wifi-hotspot.sh of bash script so type this below command in your linux

chmod +x wifi-hotspot.sh

Step 4: create hotspot

Now you type this below command to create hotspot in your linux

bash wifi-hotspot.sh

Now you can see usage command just follow this


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