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CiLocks – Bypass android Lockscreen Password

CiLocks – Hello, guys welcome to another post in this article. I will show you how to bypass (hack) Android lock screen passwords.

While there are several ways to lock an Android device, unlocking and accessing the screen can be tricky, there are several ways to break or bypass the screen lock and this will require you to do so. Takes a few steps and a little effort. While there are several ways to bypass the lock screen, they are all ineffective for every Android device we see around us today.

Hacking a locked device is not an easy task. It is very important to check some applications and tools that can serve this purpose. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do research. We’ve found the best way to hack or bypass the Android lock screen. Here are the ways on how to bypass the lock screen on Android devices like unlocking Motorola phones, Alcatel phones, Vivo phones, Samsung phones, Mi phones, etc.

Features of bypass android Lockscreen password Tool

  1. Added New Tools

    1.  Root Android {Supersu} Not Support All OS Version

    2.  Jump To Adb Toolkit

      1.  Shell

      2.  ScreenShot

      3.  Copy All Camera Photo

      4.  Copy All WhatsApp Folder

      5.  Copy All Data Storage

      6.  Manual Copy {Costum}

      7.  Backup Data

      8.  Restore Data

      9. Permissions Reset

      10.  Reboot

    3.  Remove Lockscreen {Root}

    4.  Jump To Metasploit

      1.  Install Application

      2.  Create Payload Backdoor {Msfvenom} Singed

      3.  Run Metasploit

      4.  Inject Payload In Original Application

    5.  Phone Info

    6.  Control Android {Scrcpy}

  2.  Brute Pin 4 Digit

  3.  Brute Pin 6 Digit

  4.  Brute LockScreen Using Wordlist

  5.  Bypass LockScreen {Antiguard} Not Support All OS Version

  6.  Reset Data

  7.  IP Logger (Track IP Location and Information)

  8.  SpyCam (Take webcam shots from target just sending a malicious link)

  9.  IOS Payload

  10.  FireStore Vulnerability

How to bypass android Lockscreen password

Step 1: Download and install the CiLocks tool

1. First of all we need to download the Cilocks (bypass android Lockscreen password) tool so type the below command on your Linux or Termux terminal

					git clone https://github.com/tegal1337/CiLocks.git
CiLocks – Bypass android Lockscreen Password

2. Now change the directory to Cilocks so type the following command

					cd CiLocks
CiLocks – Bypass android Lockscreen Password

3. After that permit to read write and execute of cilocks bash script

					chmod +x cilocks
CiLocks – Bypass android Lockscreen Password

Step 2: Use the CiLocks tool

1. Now type the following command to execute the ciLocks tool in your Linux machine

					sudo bash cilocks

Now connect your android phone to your Linux machine and choose which option you want.

How to use CiLocks in termux

					git clone https://github.com/tegal1337/CiLocks
cd CiLocks
chmod +x cilocks
sudo bash cilocks 
or sudo ./cilocks

For Android Emulator

					Install Termux/NetHunter
Install Busybox
Root Access
Otg Cable


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