change wireless modes to monitor mode

In this article we learn how to change wireless modes. From, the previous post, we learn the basics of how to change mac address.We learnt that devices on the same network communicate with each other using pockets.

Whether you’re reading the article, whether you’re logging into a website, send in chats messages sending emails, regardless of what you doing all the data it sent us pockets.

Now in the network, device to ensure that these pockets go in the right direction using the mac address, so each packet has a source mike. This to nation mock and it flows from the source to the destination.

Now we need to change the mode of operation of our wireless interface so that it operates an monitor mode

Why you change your wireless mode?

Normally our device has managed mode.This mode will only capture packets that have our device’s MAC address as the destination MAC.

But we use Monitor Mode can listen to every packets that’s around us.

How to change wireless modes

Step 1:

First you check your wireless mode so you just open your terminal and type this below command this. Once you type this command you can able to know your wireless mode.

sudo iwconfig


Step 2:

Now down your wireless interface because we cannot change our wireless mode with wireless interface active.So type this below command on your terminal

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

Step 3:

Once you down your wireless interface change your wireless mode with just this below simple command.

sudo iwconfig wlan0 monitor

enable monitor mod

Step 4:

Now you change your wireless interface is up so type this below command on your terminal.

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Once you complete above all the step your device eligible to listen every packets that’s around you.

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