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Black Tool – Windows hacking tools

Black tool – Most of the GitHub tools are available in Linux but now I will show you one of the best windows GitHub hacking tools. This tool has wifi hacking, camera hacking, etc.,


  1. Web hacking

  2. Camera hacking

  3. Wireless attack

  4. Social engineer

  5. DDOS attack

  6. Phishing

  7. Sniffing and spoofing

How to download and install the Black tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the windows hacking tool so you click the below download button

Step 2:

Now extract the zip file

Step 3:

After that run the Install.bat file 

Black Tool – Windows hacking tools

After that change, the directory to Core/Ruby. then run the following command inside the ruby folder

					ruby hack.rb


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