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Best 5 alternatives for Facebook messenger to android and iPhone

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world and on all operating systems (Android and iPhone ..). The application contains a lot of features, as it allows users to play video games over the Internet, share pictures, video clips, stories, animated images (GIFs), files, and of course chat by written or voice messages or even make a regular call or video call, but despite all This Facebook Messenger application has a lot of negatives that make users think of alternatives to it, for example, the size of the application is large and affects the performance of the phone and other applications, and it consumes a lot of battery power so in this article I’m going to show you 5 alternatives.

Facebook messenger

#1 Facebook messenger lite

Facebook messenger lite

you may be a fan of Facebook or trust Facebook more, but you do not like to use the Facebook Messenger application for several reasons, which may be due to the size of the application and its consumption of a lot of contact data, so we will not go away from Facebook, as the latter thought about this and launched a reduced version and launched it The name Messenger Lite, which is one of the best alternatives to Facebook Messenger.

#2 Disa

Disa Facebook messenger alternative

Disa is the best alternative to the Facebook Messenger application outside the Facebookย network, in addition to the fact that you can receive messages instead of Messenger, through which you can also receive your account messages on Telegram and other applications

#3 Swipe For Facebook

Swipe for Facebook For messaenger alternative

Basically, the Swipe For Facebook application is not independent of Facebook and Messenger,but it brings them together in one place, through which you can browse Facebook and at the same time respond to messages, and what makes Swipe For Facebook one of the best alternatives to the Messenger application is that it gives you all the features, such as Media sharing and receiving notifications at the same time, and also exchanging messages, but what distinguishes the application is that it enables you to block ads, which means that you can use Facebook and Messenger together without any ads, frankly I see a great alternative to Messenger and Facebook at the same time.

#4 Folio

Folio for messenger alternative

Folio For Facebook & Messenger is another alternative application for Messenger, which is fast, reliable, and convenient for privacy. It does what you might expect from Messenger, through which you can chat with your friends and also browse the news feed from Facebook .,,What I like about this app is its light size, It also preserves the battery, unlike Messenger, it does not consume a lot of battery, and with regard to security, it is safe and you can also set a password to prevent intruders from accessing your conversations, and it also has a feature that does not even exist in the main Messenger application which is the night mode feature, so in summary if you are looking for An alternative to the Facebook Messenger app that does not drain battery life or take up a lot of storage space, Folio For Facebook & Messenger is the best option.

#5 Friendly Social Browser

Friendly Social Browser for messenger alternative

Friendly is a good alternative to Messenger, as it allows you to use Facebook and Messenger in one place, as once you download the app, you will be asked to log in to your Facebook account, then directly you can switch between Messenger and Facebook in one place. With the Friendly application, you will find all the features of the Facebook Messenger application, such as sending and receiving messages, sharing photos, videos, emojis and stickers, but you cannot make calls, and despite that, Friendly remains a great alternative to Messenger


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