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Bcmon – The best wifi hacking app for android

Bcmon is an app to monitor WiFi networks and decipher passwords. You can control all traffic of your networks and steal your neighbor’s Internet connection


Technical specification
App Name Bcmon
App Size 2mb
Platform Android
Version 2.7
Category Educational
Root Required? Yes
Price Free

Future of Bcmon apk

  • Access the monitoring of WiFi networks.
  • Restrict and block access to networks.
  • Decrypt the passwords of different wireless networks.


  • Android version 5.0 and above
  • Busybox
  • Bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset or working external wifi card.
  • Rooted device
  • Rever-wps app

What is reaver app?

Reaver for Android, short RfA, is a simple-to-use Reaver-GUI for Android devices with monitor-mode support.

Future of reaver application

  • Detects automatically WPS-enabled routers.
  • All Reaver-Settings are accessible from a simple-to-use GUI.
  • Activates and deactivates Monitor-Mode automatically when needed.
  • Provides a simple way to connect when Reaver finds the WPA-Key.
  • External script support

How to download and install Bcmon application

1. First you download Bcman application the download button is given below.

2. Once you download Bcman application install and run some time this app make some error so run again and again.
3. Now install firmware tools and enable monitor mode.


Now download and install reaver application on your android phone.

How to download and install reaver application

1. First you download reaver application using below download button.



2. Reaver will scan for the available access point. Remember it can hack only WPS enabled WiFi. Make sure Monitor Mode’ is turned on. Make sure that the “Automatic advanced settings” box is checked.


3. Now you Choose victim network and tap “Start Attack”. It will take between some time to hack. And sometimes it will never  successful depending on the router type.


How to hack other format wifi wep,wpa2,wpa2/psk

1. First you open bcman application
2. Tap “Run bcmon terminal”. This will launch a terminal similar to most Linux terminals.
3. Now type airodump-ng and tap the Enter button. In the newly opened window type airodump-ng wlan0 and tap the Enter button.


4. Now you open reaver application and note down the WiFi (Access point) name, Mac Address and the broadcasting channel of the WiFi which you want to hack.
5. Now we can start scanning the target WiFi and collect packets. Type the following

airodump-ng -c (chaanel number) –bssid (MAC address) -w (outputfile) ath0

6. Scan continually untill it collects 20,000-30,000 packets.
7. Once you collect enough packet’s return to the terminal and type aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap and tap Enter. Aircrack program will attempt to crack the WiFi password from the extracted packets


It might take hours to crack. Finally a message Key Found! will appear, followed by the key in a hexadecimal form.

This app crack only WEB type wifi otherwise you use de-authentication attack or phishing attack.
If you have any error this above process just install busybox after that continue the same process it will work.


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