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BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit

BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit/Framework Written in Python

BabySploit is a python tool using this tool we can find out a lot of information and this tool is very easy to use.

BabySploit, a penetration testing toolkit, aims to make it simple to learn how to use more advanced frameworks such as Metasploit. Because of its user interface and toolkit, Baby-Sploit can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level.

Install BabySploit tool on Linux

To begin downloading this tool to your Linux, enter the following command in your Linux terminal and press enter.

					git clone https://github.com/M4cs/BabySploit.git
BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit
Output for downloading the babysploit tool

Now change your directory to baby-sploit and run the command below on your terminal.

					cd BabySploit
BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit
Output for changing the directory

To install this tool, enter the following command into your terminal.

					sudo python3 setup.py install
BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit
Output for installing the babysploit tool requirements

You should now see a folder called babysploit in your directory; open it and then run the following commands one by one.

					virtualenv babysploit
source babysploit/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python start.py

Setting Configuration Values:

ConfigParser is used by Baby-Sploit to write and read configuration. Your configuration file is created automatically and is located at./babysploit/config/config.cfg. You can change configuration settings manually by opening the file and editing it with a text editor, or you can use the set command to change the value of a key. Use the set command as follows:

					set rhost
>> Enter Value For rhost: 10
>> Config Key Saved!

If the rhost key had a value of 80 before running this command, the rhost key now has a value of 10. You can also add configuration variables to the config by using the set command followed by a new key, as shown below:

					set newkey
>> Enter Value For newkey: hello
>> Config Key Saved!

There was no key named “new key” prior to running this. After running this, you will have a key in your configuration named “new key” until you use the reset command, which resets the saved configuration.

All you have to do to run a tool is enter the tool’s name into BabySploit. The tools command will display a menu with all of the currently available tools. When we run tools, we get the following image:

Docker Command

					docker run --rm -idt --name babysploit xshuden/babysploit    # container is deleted when you're done
docker run -idt --name babysploit xshuden/babysploit


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