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ARP Poisoning attack – Spying on network

In this article i’m going to teach you spying on network with ARP poisoning attack. We already learn’d poisoning attack basic. Now we learn spying this is help you to get this following information about victim.

  1. Victim visited website
  2. Capturing username
  3. Capturing passwords

ARP Poisoning attack – Spying on network

Step 1:

First open your bettercap Tool on your linux machine you do not have that tool means just read previous article that will help you.

sudo bettercap -iface wlan0

Step 2:

Once you open bettercap tool on your terminal then type help command that command will show all modules on bettercap see this below image

ARP Poisoning attack - Spying on network
Bettercap modules

Step 3:

Now enable net.probe and net.recon modules type this below command one by one

net.probe on

net.recon on

ARP Poisoning attack - Spying on network
On net-probe module

net.probe When activated, this module will send different types of probe packets to each IP in the current subnet in order for the net.recon module to detect them.

net.recon This module is responsible for periodically reading the system ARP table in order to detect new hosts on the network.

Step 4:

Now on net.sniff module on bettercap This module is a network packet sniffer and fuzzer supporting both BPF syntax and regular expressions for filtering. It is also able to dissect several major protocols in order to harvest credentials.

net.sniff on

ARP Poisoning attack - Spying on network
Enable net.sniff module

Step 5:

Once you enable net.sniff module on bettercap this module capture all packet’s on your local network. example: capture all visited sites, username and passwords and etc.,

ARP Poisoning attack - Spying on network
Captured Information


This net.sniff module captured username and password on only Http protocols Other then that it’s captured all information on Https protocol


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