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A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

A tool made to make your clickjacking pocs better and easy.

Clickjacking – In this post, we are going to look at an amazing tool that we can use to execute a clickjacking attack using this tool.

What is clickJacking?

Clickjacking is a portmanteau of two words ‘click’ and ‘hijacking‘. It refers to hijacking a user’s click for malicious intent. In it, an attacker embeds the vulnerable site in a transparent iframe on the attacker’s website and overlays it with objects such as buttons using CSS skills.

Definition of clickjacking?

Clickjacking is an attack that fools users into thinking they are clicking on one thing when they are clicking on another. Its other name, user interface (UI) redressing

How to download and install the clickjacking tool?

This clickjacking tool is very simple to use. This tool can be used on both Termux and Linux devices, which is a web interface tool so you can run it after hosting it on your local server.

First, you need to type the following command in your terminal to download this tool on your device

					git clone https://github.com/shifa123/clickjackingpoc.git
download the poc tool

After downloading this tool, convert your directory to clickjackingpoc directory so execute the below command.

					cd clickjackingpoc
A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

Now run the following command on your terminal to host this tool on your local server.

					php -S localhost:4444
A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

Now open your browser and run your local server on port number 4444. When you do so you can access the clickjacking tool.

A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

Now you can inject malicious by typing your “target website” in the URL field and clicking the load button. You can also drag the image you want in the email password field. After completing your customization you can view the user view by clicking on the view button.

A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

I hope this post was helpful to you and I want to share this post with your friends too, you can ask me through the command section if you have any doubts about this post.


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