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2022 Top 5 Termux Social media hacking tools

Termux best social media hacking tools

Termux Social media hacking – Termux is a great android application that allows you to install and use all kinds of Linux hacking tools you want. Nowadays more and more developers have come up with unique tools for termux so we can use hacking tools without any errors.

There are many termux tools available for hacking social media and in this post, we are going to look at the top 5 tools.

Termux Social Media Hacking Tools

1. Weeman

Weeman is a termux social media hacking tool. It does not have a default template like other hacking tools and instead, you can turn the website you want into a phishing page.

Top 10 termux phishing tool

This tool make python language and this tool mostly used for DNS spoofed attack ( see dsniff, ettercap). before installation you must check requirements.

2. Nexphisher

Nexphisher is another termux social media hacking tool. This is completely different when compared to Weeman because using this we can not turn the website we want into a phishing page but all the website phishing templates you want to change will be in it.

Nexphisher : advanced phishing tool for Termux & linux

nexphisher is an automated phishing tool made for termux & linux . This tool has 40 phishing tool templates of 30 websites. there are 5 port forwarding options are there including localhost.

3. Mrphish

Mrphish and nexphisher are similar tools. But there is a small difference with the addition of the OTP bypass phishing page with the Mrphish tool.

Top 10 termux phishing tools

mrphish is a bash based script which is officially made for phishing social media accounts with port forwarding and otp bypassing control. 

4. Nerophishing

Nerophishign and Weeman are two similar hacking tools. But nerophishing runs faster than the Weeman and is easier to use.

Top 10 termux new phishing tool

This tool clone any website at a phishing page if you make any phishing page and you don’t need HTML programming or any other language but if you use this tool you can easily make any website a phishing page.

5. Phish mailer

phish mailer is an advanced termux hacking tool. It also has a built-in social media template. For example, using this tool you can send mail to anyone from Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, etc.


This tool very easy to use and sent lot’s of mails from different templates.


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