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2022 Instagram hacking tools

2002 instagram hacking – Instagram is one of the best social media platform in the web, almost every android users has instagram account. so the hackers target insta to get someone’s personal information and misuse.

We already discussed more instagram hacking tools but now we listed the best instagram hacking tools in 2022

2022 Instagram hacking tools

1. Instagram-Tools

Instagram-tools is a java script and very user friendly. it will help you to make more real followers automatically, Apart from that this tool have more options like automatic commands, like bot, automatic unfollow and etc.

How to increase Instagram followers with android

2. Instahack 2022 Instagram hacking

Instahack is a bash-based script that is officially made to test the password strength of Instagram account from termux with brute force attack and. This script works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices.

Termux Instagram Tools – Hack Instagram


Insta-bf is a bash script. The brute force of Instagram is working in a new format, just needs to add a proxy, and I didn’t do it because of the limited time Open source, you can modify it.

instagram brute force tool

4. Advphishing 2022 Instagram hacking

Advphishing is an advanced phishing script for termux platform. This tool has one special option that is to send user credentials to your given mail address. and have an OTP bypass option also.

instagram phishing tool


The Instagram OSINT gets a range of information from an Instagram account that you normally wouldn’t be able to get from just looking at their profile.

insta information geathering tool


Tigmint is OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) infrastructure to make network exploration more convenient by implementing abstraction mechanisms to hide technical complexity, as well as combining various analysis methods for intelligence, social network analytics, providing a simple and intuitive web interface for users.

7. Instagram Grabber

Instagram grabber is python script it will help you to grab all information about the target person and it will work on both device android and linux

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