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10 Best Google Play Store Alternative App store 2021

 Some android users may think that they are only way to download app’s and games in Google play store  but it’s not true. So many way’s are there to download application and games safely. And without fear of any virus and malware so in this article i’m going to show you Google play store alternatives.
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10 best alternate play store

#1 Amazon App Store

amazon app store
amazon app store

Amazon is one of the biggest competitors of Google play store, and Amazon is not only for online app store it’s also have products and books, and also has a section for downloading games and applications, ” Amazon App Store ” is one of the biggest competitors of Google Play Store of Google

#2 GetJar


GetJar is one of the best and oldest stores for downloading applications and video games it has thousands of free and secure applications, and it is one of the most powerful alternatives to the Google Store for applications

#3 Mobogenie

Mobogenie Market is an alternative to Google Play that some Android users will prefer for its approach and manicured selection.
Mobogenie Market is one of the more popular alternatives to Google Play. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the default app store, then this one is worth a look. Mobogenie for Android isn’t an app store unto itself but rather a different window through which to view Google Play. It can make it easier to find what you want and provides filtering and other personalization options


#4 SlideMe


Unfortunately, many Android users do not know the SlideME store,This store foreigners frequently use to download applications and games because it is among the best alternatives to the Google Play Store,

#5 F-Droid


The F-Droid store is managed by a non-profit volunteer organization, as all the applications and games available on 100 percent free, and they are open source and anyone can join for help or funding, and the F-Droid store is one of the best alternatives to the Google Store, as it is Safe and fast

#6 Aptoide


Aptoide is a great and alternative store for downloading applications and games on phones running the Android operating system, and This store has many popular applications and games, including PUBG and Free Fire.

#7 APKMirror


APK mirror is a website that provides APKs for android apps. If you have trouble with downloading an app from the Play Store, you can get it from APK mirror’s website. this is also one of the best alternative.

#8 APKPure


APKPure is a website providing smartphones software downloads founded in 2014 by APKPure Team, and has grown into one of the leading websites in the smartphones software industry. and Providing a safer, better and faster software download experience for our fans all over the world. We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of Apps, Games, and history version list. All download works guarantee 100% no extra extension needed. We believe all you guys deserve a better way to enjoy mobile life. APKPure team is always ready to help all users solve their problems about smartphones app installing, update and more.

#9 Mobile9


This Mobile9 is help you to Download free android apps to explore new ways to do thinks or addictive games for android to keep yourself entertained. popular ones include to keep your phone safe and secure.

#10 Samsung Galaxy App

Samsung Galaxy App

There is no doubt that owners of Samsung devices and phones know the SamsungGalaxy App Store, as it is a store with thousands of free apps and games, and it is pre-installed in the company’s phones, but unfortunately it is limited only to Samsung phone owners and the rest of Android users cannot use it, but since most Android users are the owners of the phones of the South Korean company, and we decided to include it in the list of the best alternatives to Google Play, because Samsung Galaxy App is already an alternative to the Google Play Store, as it is safer and faster.



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