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10 Best android deleted photo recovery apps 2022

Android Deleted Photo Recovery – Nowadays, android smartphones offer the best cameras. some of them offer a four-camera. so the android smartphone is better than the DSLR camera because of the camera quality.

The android user captures more pictures on the phone but sometimes accidentally deletes some photos. so in this article, I’m going to give the 10 best android deleted photo recovery apps

All the apps are simple to use and recover all deleted photos and videos without any error

10 Best Android Deleted Photo Recovery Apps 2022

1. Restore Image

restore image

The Restore Image app is one of the best android photo recovery apps for android available on the google play store. The best thing is it will revoke all formate of image.

Restore Image app supported on both device rooted and nonrooted and it will also recover the images on SD card

2. Dumpster


Well, the Dumpster is not a photo recovery apps it is a recycle bin of android smartphones. The app saves all formats of photos and videos that you delete and provide options for recovery

3. DiskDigger

10 Best android deleted photo recovery apps 2022

DiskDigger is another best photo recovery apps for android smartphones. that can recover all formats of photos and videos. the best thing is it will also recover images on an SD card

DiskDigger application supported on both devices rooted and non-rooted but this app is more effective on a rooted device

4. DigDeep Image Recovery

10 Best android deleted photo recovery apps 2022

DigDeep Image Recovery is also one of the best apps to recovery photos. The great thing is it will have the best User interface and be easy to use. every setting easy to understand

5. EaseUS MobiSaver

10 Best android deleted photo recovery apps 2022

EaseUS MobiSaver has Deleted photo recovery app this app has lots of main features and it is very user-friendly, the user interface is also good.

The EaseUS MobiSaver has a unique recovery option that is contact recovery no other apps have these options

6. Deleted Photo Recovery


The great thing about Deleted Photo Recovery is that it can record deleted photos from rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. Users need to deep scan the internal storage to recover photos. However, the app is not much popular on the Google Play Store.

7. Recycle Master

recycle master

Recycle Master is not a photo recovery apps it’s just an android recycle bin. Once you install this application it keeps all your deleted files in the trash folder if you need means you can restore it.

8. Recover Deleted Pictures

recover deleted pictures

As the app’s name says, Recover Deleted Pictures is another best photo recovery app for Android that can help you recover deleted images easily and quickly. The app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

9. Photo Recovery

photo recovery

This is also one of android’s deleted photo recovery applications. compare to other restore apps these apps are not much because this application only recovers the deleted files in JPG and PNG formats.

10. FindMyPhoto

10 Best android deleted photo recovery apps 2022

Compared to other apps FindMyPhoto is one of the best photo recovery applications. This is not only photo recovery it is recovered WhatsApp chats, phone contacts, videos, etc.

I hope this article helps you a lot if you have to know any other best photo recovery apps please suggest the command section


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