information Gathering just by sending a link 

information Gathering - We are going to see how to find out the target information by sending a phishing link. The tool we use for that is called Psi, you can use this tool on Linux, Termux, and mac devices.


Automating Beef to use over wan

Automating Beef - A beef tool is a pre-installed tool on a Linux device. It can usually be run on a local server but in this post, we are going to look at how to get target information by hosting the beef tool on Ngrok instead of running it on a localhost.

A web-based ClickJacking PoC Tool

Clickjacking - In this post, we are going to look at an amazing tool that we can use to execute a clickjacking attack using this tool.

How to make own search engine

Hacking Apps

Social media hacks

Email bomber don’t need your mail id

Email bomber is commonly used to prank friends and hank target email id. But the problem with this is that you will have to use your own mail id for the email bomber, so the target will find you easily.
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wifi hacking tools

Security Tips

How to Report WhatsApp message and contacts

Report WhatsApp Message - Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging apps this will be available on ios, desktop, and android.

Osint tools

Mailfinder – termux osint tool

mailfinder is an osint tool We can use this tool to locate a mail address in a short time. For example, in some cases, we may forget the mail address of some people using their name to find out with this tool.

Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

Scylla is an OSINT tool developed in Python 3.6. Scylla lets users perform advanced searches on Instagram & Twitter accounts, websites/webservers, phone numbers, and names.

HostHunter – Hostname Discovering Osint Tool

HostHunder is a Python3 Osint tool that comes in the Kali Linux repository. This Tool Discover hostname provides a large set of target IP addresses

Profil3r – find a person’s accounts and emails

Profil3r is an OSINT tool that allows you to find potential profiles of a person on social networks, as well as their email addresses. This program also alerts you to the presence of a data leak for the found emails.

MOSINT – An automated e-mail OSINT tool

MOSINT - Hello guy's in this article I'm going to teach you how to get full information about email with MOSINT tool MOSINT is an OSINT Tool for emails. It helps you gather information about the target email.
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I Cloud bypass

MDM Bypass iCloud deb - If you are an iPhone user and have forgotten your iCloud password if you are unable to recover the forgotten password this post will be useful for you because in this post we are going to look at how to bypass iCloud.

How To Root

Game Hacking

Gophish Tutorial


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